In today’s competitive construction industry, companies constantly seek innovative ways to showcase their projects and stand out from the crowd. Among the plethora of marketing strategies available, one powerful tool has emerged as a game-changer: construction video production. These dynamic and visually compelling narratives offer numerous benefits to construction companies looking to elevate their brand, attract new clients, and secure future projects. On this page we explore the advantages of commissioning construction video production.


We produce high quality videos for some of the largest construction companies in the UK, working on many different construction projects. Our films are TAILOR MADE to suit your requirements. We have a proven track record of working safely on site. By partnering with Construction Video Production we can help you enhance your brand, obtain new business and showcase your projects to the very highest possible standards.

We offer a stress free media production service with excellent customer care. Construction Video Production has a wealth of construction industry experience spanning over 35 years. Our crew has the training, experience and certifications to work safely. We have a deep knowledge of the construction industry, delivering awe inspiring construction videos that really impress, making the companies we work with stand out from their competition.

In a digital world, the need to get large amounts of information across in a shorter period of time is essential. Construction video production is the most effective way to engage with your clients, keeping them informed and inspired.

When it comes to successful communications, video is the new normal. Integrating construction video production into your marketing campaigns can improve efficiency, reduce costs and take your presentations to a higher level. Video is the medium for getting exceptional marketing results.

Construction companies that use video on their website, social media and marketing standout from the competition. Excellent construction video production that really resonates with audiences will engage, inform and excite customers and stakeholders whilst helping to build an excellent reputation.

Documenting your build projects with video is the best way to show off your work to existing and potential clients. We can devise a successful concept and a sympathetic style that will make your story visually exciting and engaging.

Construction video production is the most effective way to engage with your audience and inspire people to take action. Visit our RESOURCES page for more information and advice or alternatively call us to day on 0203 362 8288 and get you construction video production started.



A video case study is the ultimate way to show off your services or project to prospective clients.

We suggest combining interviews with site footage, drone video and maybe some historical time lapse footage to illustrate how you successfully delivered a project.

We can creatively blend video, time lapse, drone footage and animation to create a fascinating video document that illustrates your project or business in an innovative, captivating format.


Potential buyers can easily view informative, entertaining video content from the comfort of their own home.

Where is the development? What are you building? What is it going to be like living there?

You can illustrate all these facets and more with captivating video that will inform, excite and ultimately inspire potential buyers to make contact and visit the show home and marketing suite.


The increased interaction with online video means that you cannot afford not to have an armoury of short, bite sized social media videos to distribute across your social media channels. In short, social media videos are an essential marketing tool.

These videos are usually between 15-30 seconds in length. We recommend a fast paced edit with text overlays or even motion graphics for that extra impact.


The quickest and most effective way to successfully induct new personnel. It ensures the CLEAR, CONCISE, CONSISTENT delivery of key information.

It delivers this key information QUICKLY, in a MEMORABLE format.

Your existing process may take several hours. With video we can hone this process down to just 30 minutes!

construction video production
construction video production
construction video production
construction video production


Who are you? What do you do? How do you want to be perceived? What are your values and your CSR?

We can creatively address all these issues and present them in a stylish, highly effective medium that will clearly present your business in the best light.

We can help you with imaginative creative ideas that will set you apart for your competitors


Using video to explain how a product works enables you to clearly communicate the advantages and capabilities your product or service.

We can enhance the impact of video by adding or using animation to support the video. Animation can illustrate certain


Most potential employees will have a look at your company video (if you have one) which will give them a flavour of the business. Staff recruitment videos dig a little deeper. They can address important issues which will affect their decision to apply for the role or not. Will they be supported by the administration? Are they actively encouraged and supported to pursue further professional development? Peer to peer staff recruitment videos will answer all these key questions, in a honest and believable medium.


We are the “go to” INDUSTRY EXPERTS for safe, reliable, creative TIMELAPSE. Time lapse documents your project like nothing else; compressing months or years of work into a bitesize film of just a few minutes in length. It has the ability to change perceptions, create confidence and ultimately engage stakeholders.

construction video production
construction video production
construction video production
construction video production


Kensa Heat Pumps construction video production 

In the summer of 2019 Croydon Council declared a climate emergency. Later that year they started a pilot project with Kensa Contracting to replace electric storage heaters with low carbon ground source heat pumps. This case study Documents the story.

We filmed interviews on site with various stakeholders and combined video, drone and time lapse to illustrate this case study

Vision Modular construction video production 

Vision Modular Systems UK Limited manufactures volumetric 3D structural modules for Hotels, Residential Apartment Buildings, Student Accommodation, Worker Accommodation and Hospital Bedrooms. We documented the entire production process and then the journey from Bedford to Wembley. We then filmed the installation of the final module using video, time lapse and drones. This involved four crew members strategically positioned to capture the action in the most dramatic fashion. We visited the site prior to the installation so we could carefully plan our filming , ensuring the client got the best possible film.

Graham & Network Rail construction video production 

We worked with Graham and Network Rail to document two simultaneous bridge replacement projects over a Bank holiday weekend. We had a large crew covering both sites operating 24 hours a day.

We installed several time lapse cameras prior to the weekend and shot both video and photography from the ground and from the air using drones. We also utilised several mobile time lapse cameras to capture key events in more detail.

Curo Housing construction video production 

We are capturing the Mulberry Park development process over the next 10 years. So far we have documented the area prior to demolition and the full demolition process.
The site was mainly single storey wooden huts which have been demolished over the past few months after the removal of any asbestos. For a successful time lapse, ideally you require high viewpoints. The problem was that there is none!! The existing two storey buildings disappeared quite quickly so we erected our own scaffold towers to accommodate four cameras. The cameras and mobile towers are currently on the site documenting the house building process.


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