The Construction Video Production resources page is a great place to start planning your construction video. Promotional construction videos can feel quite a daunting prospect to get together, but our selection of guides help you plan, script and film your construction video.

Video Marketing has the ability to capture the attention of your audience in a way that other media can’t. Video is the way that increasing amounts of people learn and communicate, and is a great tool for engaging your clients with this tech-savvy generation. Construction Video Production have delivered a huge variety of superb construction videos including:

  • Construction training videos including site induction, health & safety and best practice
  • Project case studies
  • Corporate ‘About Us’ videos
  • Home page videos
  • Promotional videos
  • ‘How to’ instructional videos
  • Time lapse videos
  • Sales and marketing videos for new developments
  • Internal and External communications
  • Staff recruitment
  • Social Media videos

A further benefit to having engaging video content on your company website is to improve you search engine optimisation (SEO). Ensuring your website ranks higher on the search engines is aided by impactful video content which will boost your websites ranking.

Our Construction Video Production resources will help you get your head around the three principle stages of video production namely Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.


When writing a brief try and be as clear as possible about the objectives of the video and the scope of your project. Please contact us as we do have a lot of experience working on both large and small construction projects as well as many different types of projects. We are more than happy to give advice on the best way to approach a project.


  • Planning
  • Video strategy/goals
  • Budget/scope
  • Project timeline
  • Script creation
  • Who’s going to talk on screen?
  • Finding the best places to film

We can help you plan the filming, advising you on how to best document your story. We may use video, drones, animation or time lapse. Or a combination of these. It depends on the nature of the project.

Either remotely or in person we can discuss the purpose and goals for your video and how it will be used. It is important to decide on the tone and feel of the video and who is going to be involved.

How and when we deliver your videos again depends on the nature of the project. Long term projects, such as time lapse produce a lot of usable video and still photography that can be drip fed on social media over the course of the project. It can also be re-purposed to create a case study on completion.

It’s good to appoint a primary contact who is familiar with the project so we can communicate easily and quickly. Organise a schedule for the filming, identify who will be filmed and decide upon appropriate locations.

We recommend a site visit so we can identify the ideal filming locations, meet the site team and familiarise ourselves with the location. More on this in the video production resources below.

Once you have written your script, make sure it has been reviewed and approved by HR and the marketing department interview questions discussed. Finalise the schedule and confirm the locations.

All these details will help ensure that the production goes smoothly.

After all this has been decided upon we can have a look and feedback with our thoughts. Remember we are available to help you at any stage of the production.


Construction sites, by their very nature, can be messy places, especially in bad weather. We will check the weather forecasts and try to film on good weather days. We will also ensure the locations are as clean and tidy as possible and abide by your H&S codes.


Once we have logged and securely backed up the footage we will create the initial edit, top and tailed with titles, logos and music. This will be posted securely on-line for all the stakeholders to review. This will usually be up to seven days after filming. At this stage we only need your feedback regarding the content:

1. Please indicate approximate timings of each modification/change.

2. Please detail in chronological order exactly what changes you require.

3. Please ignore sound levels, exposure and colour balance issues, these will be corrected once the final content has been established.

4. Please ensure all stakeholders review the video.

5. Please supply all the feedback, from all stakeholders, as one document.

Following your feedback we will create the second iteration of the video, grading the colour and adjusting the sound.

Step by Step guide to construction video production

The video production process is divided into three stages: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Here we detail what is involved during the making of your video.

Planning your construction video

Features all you need to know about planning your project and then organising and scheduling the filming. We have work on a variety of different projects in numerous locations so we know what is the best way to film safely.

Getting the best shots during filming

Planning in advance of the filming is essential. Simple advice on how to organise specific shots ensuring you get the very best footage, both from the ground and with a drone.