Construction Video Production is an innovative time lapse provider, specialising in bespoke time lapse solutions. We have a great reputation based on creativity, reliability, professionalism, safety and trust. We produce tailored, high resolution time lapse videos for CONSTRUCTION, DEMOLITION and FIT-OUT projects worldwide.

We are the “go to” INDUSTRY EXPERTS for safe, reliable, creative time lapse. Time lapse documents your project like nothing else; compressing months or years of work into a bitesize film of just a few minutes in length. It has the ability to change perceptions, create confidence and ultimately engage stakeholders.

We can monitor and document the progress of a long construction project or capture one-off events such as a weekend bridge installation.

The resulting time lapse videos can be used to enhance case studies, create social media posts and be included within client presentations


Graham-Carpenters Land Bridge Project

Such is our dedication to our craft that we sacrificed our Christmas dinner and Santa’s visit so we could film this installation.

The 66 metre-long, 350-tonne steel Carpenters Land Bridge was installed on Christmas Day. Work began at 3.30am and was completed by 3.30pm that afternoon.

The bridge was manoeuvred into place using self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). The bridge deck was transported on the SPMTs along Carpenters Road in a jacked-up position.

It was supported on the SPMTs in a cantilever arrangement with a large counterweight of 450 tonnes to balance the bridge during installation.
We supplied video, photography, time lapse and drone coverage of the event.

Graham Construction & Network Rail


Network Rail ensured that passengers using the lines between East Croydon and London Bridge experienced no disruptions during the bridge installation.

The new road bridge was launched across 10 operational rail lines. This was achieved using an innovative technique beautifully captured in this video using a combination of video. time lapse and drone

Pocket Living

We were commissioned by POCKET to document the complete production and installation process from start to finish.  After visiting the factory we decided that it would be interesting to mount the camera on a fixed rig mounted in the same position on each stage of the production process.  Working inside a busy factory has its challenges, especially than the posts are moving around on rails. We mounted a camera inside the module during transit to record the journey to site and the lifting procedure, whilst simultaneously filming the lifting from the ground.

Chichester District Council

We received a call from Chichester District Council wanting a time lapse camera on site ASAP as the groundworks had already started. We were able to install a cameras the next day ensuring they had a record of the build going forwards.

This material was used to promote the new industrial units and offices to potential tenants. On completion all the units were let!

construction video production, time lapse, construction drone services, construction photography, animation
time lapse
time lapse
construction video production, time lapse, construction drone services, construction photography, animation


This service will enable substantial time and cost savings allowing clients to view and share a project remotely.

  • Save money and time on site visits.
  • Keep all stakeholders informed 24 hours a day.
  • Quick, clear, convenient easy to use on-line dashboard.
  • Enables numerous project marketing opportunities.
  • Reduce project disputes, manage subcontractors and project milestones.
  • Readily available promotional material
  • High definition time lapse videos are generated automatically.
  • Clients can view and share the project remotely.
  • Instantly check progress.


Every location presents a different set of challenges so we always recommend a site visit so we can assess the location and discuss your requirements in detail. We can then suggest options and submit a quote. We can install any number of cameras for any length of time in any location.

Combining the best camera technology and the latest post-production software we can deliver HD, 4K and 6K time lapse films.

The complexity of your project will determine the cost.


How many cameras do you need?  This will be determined by how many angles of coverage you require.  If your budget allows, we do recommend having at least two cameras as this enables a more interesting final edit as we have two angles of view to work with during editing.  Large scale projects with many different factors happening simultaneously, might need several cameras to cover all the action.

We can of course move the cameras to cover different positions or key events as the project progresses.


This will usually be determined by the length of the project. We recommend installing the cameras prior to any work starting on site so that you do not miss any action. This also ensures you capture the dramatic hang form an empty site to a completed project. We can install extra cameras during the project to document certain key events in more detail.


Where do you want the cameras positioned? Ideally they should be placed at a high vantage point to capture as much action as possible. We will always endeavour to position the cameras in the most ideal position. If possible we will avoid positioning the cameras facing directly facing the sun and ideally in a position with some protection from the elements.

Points to consider:

  • Is there electricity supply? (If not we have alternative power options).
  • Time lapse works best from a high vantage point. If there are none available on your project we can provide scaffold towers, masts, fixings etc).



  • Virtual meeting 
  • Site assessment visit and induction.
  • Agree camera positions.
  • Submit RAMS.
  • Prepare relevant equipment.
  • Write the script
  • If required we send approved script to the voiceover artist for recording.
  • Compile approved titles and logos.
  • Select appropriate music.



  • Install the cameras in the pre-determined positions.
  • Test and instigate recording
  • If required we can move or add cameras as the project progresses.
  • We can shoot progress photography.
  • We can shoot video and supply drones to film key stages of the project to compliment the time lapse footage in the final edit.
  • REMOTE SITE MONITORINGWe offer a remote live time lapse site monitoring system.  This service enables clients to view and share their projects from anywhere in the world using the secure online client portal. Featuring secure 4G cellular networking, our self-contained UHD 4K cameras are built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.



  • Remove all equipment from site.
  • Process the thousands of image files and then ‘stick’ them together to form time lapse sequences.
  • Select the ‘key’ footage from these time lapse sequences.
  • Editing-combine this footage with the voiceover, titles, logos and music to form the “rough-cut” edit. This is posted securely on line for all stakeholders to review.
  • Clients can securely download photographs and view time lapse videos of their project 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  How does it work? Immediately after one of our site cameras takes a photograph the image is transmitted (via 4G) to our secure server. High definition time lapse videos are produced automatically. The videos and images are then displayed on the secure on line portal.  This easy to use on line dashboard enables unlimited access to your project using smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.Clients can view the project live and download photographs and videos



  • We act on your feedback, creating the final edit in the format requested (wmv. mov. mp4. etc).
  • Upload or embed the your films within your web site and social media platforms.
  • We can host the high definition video for you, ensuring that your customers always see the very best high definition quality.
  • On very complicated projects we do offer an on-site editing service. We can come to your office and hone the final edit to your liking on the spot.


We create a secure on line portal for each project featuring a high resolution image archive of all the photographs taken by our cameras. These photographs are available to view and download at full resolution. This searchable library contains detailed information on when the image was taken, making it very easy to browse and access a particular point within the project.

Other features include batch download which allows all the images within a certain time period to be downloaded in a single zip file. Every time our camera takes a new picture it is automatically made available.

Each photograph contains a time and date stamp so that you know the exact moment the photo was taken. This also allows you to easily go back to any point in your project’s history to see how work is progressing. The secure client on line portal is very easy to navigate and features a complete archive of all the images recorded. This means you have a 24/7 resource to keep track of your project


Our time lapse cameras are designed to meet the needs of our construction clients.

The 4K UHD remote time lapse camera transmits high quality images quickly and efficiently.

  • High resolution files
  • Secure servers
  • Unlimited 24/7 access
  • Instantly sends your scheduled captured images to the secure remote cloud.
  • Multiple Capture Streams, 10 minutes to the cloud 30 seconds to a 1TB hard drive (optional)
  • Powered or solar powered options
  • 4G Enabled
  • Outdoor & Indoor Use
  • IP65
  • 12V version available for battery and solar applications
  • Multiple fixing and mounting options-mast or towers available
  • All the images are stored securely and accessible 24/7
  • Times and dates are captured so you can easily compare progress.


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