Construction video testimonials are a barometer of what your clients think about you. Construction Video Production take great pride in delivering a first class construction video production service to our clients and love developing innovative, imaginative ideas and ultimately producing superb video content.

We have worked with a large number of construction companies and have been very pleased that they keep coming back for more! They recognise and appreciate our knowledge, skill and experience. We always produce and review Risk Assessments and Method Statements for our work, and we never take risks with the safety of our team or others.

Don’t just take our word for it, please read these testimonials and find out why our clients commission Construction Video Production to produce their construction videos.

We are your trusted partner on site.


Client recommendations and testimonials hold a paramount significance in the business landscape, serving as powerful tools that can greatly influence potential customers’ decisions and shape a company’s reputation. These endorsements, reflecting firsthand experiences and genuine opinions, carry a weight that traditional marketing strategies often struggle to match. In an era dominated by information overload and scepticism, client recommendations and testimonials offer a beacon of authenticity that guides consumers towards making informed choices.

At its core, the importance of construction video testimonials lies in the establishment of trust. In a digital age saturated with advertisements, promotional campaigns, and sponsored content, consumers have grown increasingly adept at discerning between authentic offerings and empty marketing rhetoric. This is where real-life accounts of satisfied customers step in to bridge the credibility gap. When prospects encounter genuine testimonials from individuals who have already engaged with a product or service, a sense of reliability is cultivated. Potential clients are more likely to trust the words of their peers than a company’s self-promotion, as human experiences and emotions resonate far more deeply than scripted sales pitches.

Furthermore, construction video testimonials contribute to creating an emotional connection. Human beings are inherently wired to seek social proof; they are more inclined to make decisions when they see others doing the same. Testimonials leverage this psychological predisposition, portraying a sense of belonging and solidarity. When prospective clients read about how a product or service has positively impacted someone else’s life, they can envision themselves enjoying similar benefits. This emotional resonance transcends rational evaluation and encourages a more profound, personal connection with the brand.

Importantly, construction video testimonials also provide invaluable insights into the real-world utility of a product or service. They shed light on various use cases, benefits, and outcomes that might not be explicitly outlined in marketing materials. This firsthand information aids potential clients in gauging whether the offering aligns with their specific needs and expectations. It acts as a compass, guiding them through the intricate landscape of options available in the market.

Furthermore, construction video testimonials serve as a dynamic mechanism for continuous improvement. Constructive feedback from clients, whether positive or negative, provides businesses with a unique opportunity to refine their offerings. By analyzing the specific aspects that clients appreciate, companies can enhance and capitalise on their strengths. Similarly, any shortcomings highlighted in testimonials can be addressed, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and growth. This iterative process not only enriches the customer experience but also contributes to the evolution and refinement of the business itself.

From a broader perspective, the significance construction video testimonials extends to reputation management. In an interconnected world fueled by online reviews and social media, a company’s image can be swiftly shaped by the collective voices of its clients. Positive testimonials serve as digital ambassadors, broadcasting a positive image and potentially attracting a wider audience. Conversely, negative feedback can act as a wake-up call, prompting the company to rectify issues and prevent potential damage to its reputation.

In conclusion, the importance of client recommendations and construction video testimonials cannot be overstated. These authentic accounts of customer experiences have the power to establish trust, create emotional connections, provide practical insights, foster improvement, and influence a company’s overall reputation. As consumers seek genuine interactions and meaningful connections amidst the noise of modern marketing, these endorsements emerge as beacons of authenticity, guiding them towards well-informed decisions. In a business landscape where credibility is a prized asset, harnessing the influence of client recommendations and testimonials is not just a strategy, but a necessity for sustained success.

construction video testimonials
construction video testimonials
construction video testimonials
construction video testimonials

“If you’re looking to market or document your next project the team over at Construction Video production have all the key ingredients under one roof. I’ve successfully worked with Ian and Chris on a number of occasions and the outcomes are always top class – THE go to one stop shop for Time Lapse, Video Production, Aerial Drone coverage with CAA approved pilots and Progress Photography. I would highly recommend”

Colin McGown, Operations Director, Mace

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testimonial stuart gadsden

“The team at Construction Video Production produced a fantastic video and animation for us that has really helped us explain our projects to new clients. Great guys to work with and I’m sure we will be working with them again in future. Highly recommend their services”

Dr Stuart Gadsden, Commercial Director, Kensa Contracting

“Ian and Chris produced time-lapse videos and progress photography of the new Little Hadham bypass construction for our client Herts County Council. They were on time, efficient and produced an excellent set of photographic updates which is exactly what the client wanted. Highly recommended”

Seamus McLoughlin, Project Manager  Civil Engineering, GRAHAM Construction

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testimonial rebecca fitzgerald

“The “Story so Far” videos that have been produced by the team are a great way to communicate the progress on site and engage with the wider community. Construction Video production have documented the building of Mulberry Park since its inception in 2014, using real time video, interviews and time lapse, capturing the creation of a new and exciting development in Bath. The team have been great to work with and we are delighted with the results”

Rebecca FitzGerald, Director of Communications, CURO Housing Association

“The team have helped us produce some excellent videos to promote products in the Casella range. In order to communicate key features during a product launch, they can provide valuable input to script writing and ensuring content is suitable, polished and valuable to our customers. It’s tricky for someone not used to producing videos to visualise the best way of getting your point across and they really help with that, supplementing video with animation to get technical points across. Our launch schedules are often challenging but they helped produce a film we are proud of in challenging time scales”

Tim Turney, Global Marketing Manager, CASELLA

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“They have been great from the off. Offering advice and taking me through the process to achieve the best camera angles. Edited videos are received quickly following site visits which they organise, I don’t have to worry about them at all. Great service and very reasonably priced”


Grace Hampson, Titan Property Developments

“We gave them complex briefs to showcase our new modular build technique in an innovative way in multiple locations. They went above and beyond to get the footage we wanted and advised every step of the way to ensure that the video was the best it could be. Working in tricky and restrictive conditions, from factory floor to inhospitable construction sites they were always highly professional, polite and a real pleasure to work with. I could not recommend them more highly

Hannah Godwin, Marketing Manager, POCKET

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