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2 weeks

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The Brief

Kensa Heat Pumps manufactures the UK’s widest range of ground source heat pumps and accessories. Combining engineering ingenuity and years of ground source expertise, every heat pump in the Kensa range has been designed and tested to exacting standards for optimum efficiency and ease of use. We were asked to create an animation which would clearly and simply explains how the technology works.

construction video production
construction video production

The Solution

Kensa were receiving a large amount of enquires from Local Housing Authorities asking about how the technology works and how it can be retro fitted to their social housing, which were mainly tower blocks. We created this animation to explain exactly how ground source heat pumps work and how they are installed.

The Outcome

Kensa featured the video on their web site so potential customers could easily view the case study and see how it would be a great solution for their tenants, saving home hundreds of pounds a year on heating bills. Although we did document a tower block installation using time lapse video, animation was a better medium for this explainer video.

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testimonial stuart gadsden

What they said

“Film Infinity produced a fantastic video and animation for us that has really helped us explain our projects to new clients. Great guys to work with and I’m sure we will be working with them again in future. Highly recommend their services”

Stuart Gadsden, Commercial Director, Kensa Contracting

The Advantages of Commissioning a Construction Video Case Study

In today’s competitive construction industry, companies constantly seek innovative ways to showcase their projects and stand out from the crowd. Among the plethora of marketing strategies available, one powerful tool has emerged as a game-changer: construction video case studies. These dynamic and visually compelling narratives offer numerous benefits to construction companies looking to elevate their brand, attract new clients, and secure future projects. In this article, we explore the advantages of commissioning a construction video case study.

  1. Showcasing Expertise and Success: A well-crafted construction video case study provides an opportunity for companies to showcase their expertise and share their success stories. By presenting completed projects, it demonstrates the company’s capabilities, construction methods, and quality of work, fostering trust and credibility among potential clients.
  2. Visual Storytelling: A video case study enables construction companies to tell their stories in a captivating and memorable way. Through visually engaging footage, clients can see the progress of a project, from conception to completion, highlighting the challenges faced and the solutions implemented. This emotional connection can leave a lasting impression and prompt potential clients to choose the company for their next construction project.
  3. Improved Engagement and Retention: Video content has proven to be highly engaging, as it combines visuals, audio, and storytelling elements. Viewers are more likely to retain information presented in a video than through text alone, making video case studies an excellent tool for communicating complex construction processes and concepts effectively.
  4. Building Brand Awareness: Commissioning a construction video case study offers construction companies the opportunity to build and reinforce their brand identity. By showcasing the company’s values, mission, and unique approach to projects, the video solidifies the brand in the minds of clients and sets the company apart from competitors.
  5. Enhanced Marketing and Social Media Presence: In the age of social media and online marketing, video content has become king. Sharing video case studies on various digital platforms can significantly enhance a company’s online presence. Engaging videos are more likely to be shared, increasing the potential reach to a broader audience and attracting potential clients who might not have discovered the company otherwise.
  6. Powerful Sales Tool: When meeting with potential clients, construction companies can use video case studies as a powerful sales tool. The video acts as evidence of the company’s capabilities and successful project deliveries, making it easier to convince clients to choose them over competitors.
  7. Employee Morale and Recognition: A construction video case study not only celebrates the success of a project but also recognizes the efforts of the entire team behind it. Seeing their hard work acknowledged in a professional video can boost employee morale and foster a sense of pride and loyalty among staff members.
  8. Cost-Effective Marketing Investment: While creating a high-quality construction video case study requires an initial investment, its long-term benefits often outweigh the cost. Once produced, the video can be reused in various marketing campaigns and presentations, providing ongoing value without additional expenses.
  9. Increased Project Opportunities: A well-executed video case study can attract the attention of potential clients, leading to increased project opportunities. Construction companies that showcase their work through compelling video narratives are more likely to be considered for future projects, creating a positive ripple effect for their business growth.

In conclusion, commissioning a construction video case study is a smart investment for construction companies looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Through powerful visual storytelling, these videos can effectively demonstrate expertise, build brand awareness, and serve as a valuable marketing tool to attract new clients and secure exciting project opportunities. Embracing the potential of video content, construction firms can leave a lasting impression and position themselves at the forefront of the industry.