It is essential to thoroughly plan the filming so you get best shots.

When is the best time to shoot a video?
You can shoot your video anytime of the year but we recommend filming during the spring and summer months. Most locations, both externally and internally will look better during these months. There is foliage on the trees and there is more warm natural daylight. Longer days mean we can film for longer. Of course this is not always possible. We have worked in monsoon conditions. We have shot all through the night in sub-zero temperatures. We are fully prepared for any weather.

How to prepare for filming on site
We offer simple advice on how to organise specific shots. During the recce we will identify the best positions and angles to capture the work and show your project in the best light. Is it important that everyone involved understands what is required of them. We are very aware of the safety issues when working on a busy construction site and apply these rules to our filming methods, keeping safe at all times.

Staff must be fully briefed beforehand and appreciate that the whole purpose of their time to provide the crew with visually engaging action that communicates a positive impression of the company. Make sure the site is as tidy as possible and all the signage is in good condition. Ensure all company vehicles are clean and the livery is up to date. There may be disruption, because personnel will need to follow instructions and direction from the crew. Sometimes repeating an exercise again until we are happy with the footage.

It’s all about detail

We have a deep knowledge of the construction industry. After years of filming and photographing on busy sites we know what to look for, it is second nature to us. Is everyone wearing the right PPE correctly? Is somebody on their phone? We can quickly spot these things and correct them immediately.

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